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St Patrick’s Day 2023

Happy St Patrick's Day! Or as St Patrick said: "Gaudeamus!"

Like I said in my last post, Catholic life has been so much different than before. Everything takes on a new meaning. We're not just Catholic on Sundays during Mass, we're Catholic every single day! Liturgical Living has taken on a whole new meaning for us.

There's beautiful traditions & Feast Days in between the major Holidays that secular society celebrates. I've come to learn more about these special days in the Church year & see truly how much our faith intertwines with our every day life.

This St Patrick's Day I really wanted to bring some more elements of our faith into our day!

Breastplate of St Patrick Bannerfrom Kolbes Little Flowers

We made sure to have the house ready for todays Feast Day. We moved our Breastplate of St Patrick Banner to a more common area in our dining room. My friend Therese from Kolbe's Little Flowers was kind enough to send me this! It's one of our favorite prayers of protection & Patrick is my husbands name, so this is such a blessing to have this powerful prayer up in our home 💗 if you'd like a banner or any of the other beautiful items Therese designs, use code NOHEART10 for 10% off your purchase (code not valid in conjunction with sale).

We also made sure to put out our St Patrick print from Baritus Catholic Chris's striking illustration is one of my favorite depictions of St Patrick! Next on my list to buy from him is St Patrick t shirt!

After our family morning prayer time, we had our green brunch! Broccoli florets with ranch dressing, fresh milled pistachio muffins, grapes & guacamole with tortilla chips. The kids absolutely loved it this year, and we will definitely make this a St Patrick's Day tradition.

They also got a special treat & got to watch Patrick: Brave Shepherd of the Emrald Isle & Catholic Heroes of Faith: The Story of St Patrick while eating brunch. This is a rare treat so they loved the idea of a snack & movie.

After the shows we will finish with our simple Holy Trinity activity (I sent this out for FREE for my email subscribers, you can sign up here). And we will read several books about St Patrick, but this one is my new favorite: "The Rhymed Life of St Patrick". I found for FREE online book cover & full book to print here (of course I had to make my own cover 😆😅), but you can also buy it from one of my favorite Catholic publishing companies here.

I pray you may all have a blessed St Patrick's Day! May we spread the true story & devotion to this great Saint today & always!

St Patrick ora pro nobis! 🙏🏽



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