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Catholic Sensory Stamps | Pre-Order
  • Catholic Sensory Stamps | Pre-Order

    These Catholic themed Sensory stamps are sure to put a smile on you & your littles ones face!


    Teach the faith with these play based learning resources to establish a love for God in a fun & interactive way!


    Each set includes 5 stamps with the exception of the Our Lady of the Rosary set.


    Each set is as follows:


    Our Lady of the Rosary - Oval, Marian Cross, Immaculate & Sacred Heart, Star, Cross & one big & one small circle. (This is a perfect way to teach & track a Rosary!)


    God's Promise - Ark, Rainbow, Dove, Cloud, Raindrop


    Holy Mass - Priest, Church, Chalice, Eucharist, Breviary


    Domestic Church - House, Man, Woman, Boy, Girl, Baby


    These sensory stamps are handcrafted designs of No Heart Untouched. All designs cannot be be reproduced or used without obtaining prior written consent from the owner.© No Heart Untouched 2022. All rights reserved.

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