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Child/Infant Loss Blanket (White)

Child/Infant Loss Blanket (White)

SKU: 614BCDAE6E40B_10986

I was inspired to make this blanket after my sister & brother in law lost their first baby. I made them a care package with a candle, blanket other inspirational items. They told me later that the blanket was very comforting, during their grief journey they would find themselves covering themselves seeking comfort with the blanket as they remembered their sweet baby.

This blanket is a reconfiguration of the design on my Memorial Ornament with the quote by Mother Angelica. The quote by Mother Angelica is “I breathed a soul into a seed, made it grow & called it forth.”

I hope this brings comfort & reminds those who are going through the grief of losing a child, that Christ wraps them in His love carries them through this time.

*No Heart Untouched partners with a manufacturer for this item and it may ship separately from other items purchased together.

• 100% polyester• Blanket size: 50″ × 60″ (127 × 153 cm)• Soft silk touch fabric• Printing on one side• White reverse side• Machine-washable• Hypoallergenic• Flame retardant

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