Decade Felt Flower Wall Rosaries
  • Decade Felt Flower Wall Rosaries

    These handcrafted Wall Rosaries are a perfect addition to your home! They are a combination of felt & wood.


    The crucifix wood piece comes in 3 different options:


    4 Mysteries

    3 Mysteries



    The Miraculous Medal accompanies each rosary as the ending piece. Each felt flower is assembled by hand and forms a “bead” for each Hail Mary.


    These can be hung in several ways & in several different places in your home. For ideas please follow my Instagram page @noheartuntouched for styling pictures & suggestions.


    Each Wall Rosary varies in size because of flower styles & patterns. Each Rosary is around 23in long. Since each flower is assembled by hand (as well as different styles flowers) & hand strung the size of flower & length of the Rosary varies.


    Available colorways are limited edition & are as follows:


    Our Lady of Knock (shades of green)

    Our Lady of Mt Carmel (neutrals)

    Our Lady of La Salette (yellows)

    Our Lady of Kibeho (dark blues)

    Our Lady of Lourdes (light blues)

    Mother Inviolate (Cool Vibrant Colors)

    Mother of Hope (Warm Vibrant Colors)

    Queen of Angels (Neutral Peach)

    Offspring of David (Shades of Lilac)

    Mother Most Chaste (White)

    Tower of Ivory (Neutral Ivory)

    Holy Hearts (Fire Bright Red)


    All Wall Rosaries have a 4 week turnaround time.


    Rosary parts & flowers are handmade & assembled in my studio.


    These wall rosaries are handcrafted designs of No Heart Untouched in collaboration with Ginny & FF Saje. All designs cannot be be reproduced or used without obtaining prior written consent from the owners.


    © No Heart Untouched 2022. All rights reserved.