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Monstrance Sticker
  • Monstrance Sticker

    This original design was made last year around St Clare’s feast day. It was such a popular design Catholics identified with that that I decided to make it into a sticker. A little physical reminder of what our love & focus should be, all the days of our lives.

    These stickers are so durable that they can endure wind, rain & sunlight. You can even put them through the dishwasher! Evangelize & put them anywhere & everywhere! Notebooks, planners, water bottles or even travel mugs.


    If you’re buying 10 or more, please contact me for pricing and FREE shipping!

    These stickers are designs of No Heart Untouched. All designs cannot be be reproduced or used without obtaining prior written consent from the owner.

    © No Heart Untouched 2021. All rights reserved

    Sticker is 2.17x3 in

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