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Back to School…Catholic Style!

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

It’s Back to School season & I’m SO ready for it!

I try to prep & grab things I think will be useful throughout the year so I’m not totally burnout when it comes to the school year starting again.

This year I did ask for some help though! Being a small business owner, there’s a beautiful community. I asked to see if anyone had any Back to School resources to share with me, so I could in turn share them with all of you. That led to #catholicbts 😁 if you aren’t already follow the hashtag on social media to see the businesses that have great Catholic Back to School resources to share with you.

Below are the links for all of the shops who have generously donated to this years #catholicbts I cannot say how grateful I am to each & every one of them for sharing their creations with me & showcase their talents. All of these business owners love Jesus & it spills over into the things they create!

I decided to gather the links into 2 groups, one for the Mom, and one for the kids 😁 For a detailed look & more information about each item(as well as coupon codes!) make sure to check out the video on my YouTube channel here.

For the Back to School Catholic Mom

These items I plan to decorate with or use on our Little Oratory in our homeschool room.

100% Natural Beeswax Sacred Heart of Jesus Candle from Lee’s Bees Candle Co

Guardian Angel Nightlight from Holy Family Handmade

Saint Polaroid Grab Bags - Youth Pack from January Jane Shop

Silhouette Style 5in Wall Crucifix in Charcoal from Rough 2 Rustic

Holy Family 5x7 Art Print from Nichole Lanthier Art

20 Easy Prep Freezer Meals (dairy & grain free) with Labels & Nutrition info from Veritas Fitness

Traditional Catholic Lesson Planner from Raising Hearts

Feast Day & Catholic Planner Stickers from Mourning Dove Co

For the Kids

7 Days of Creation Plushies & Book from A Lil Plant

Scripture Conversation Starter Deck from The Good Portion Co

Holographic Catholic Rosary Vinyl Sticker from Sweet Little Ones

Fidget Rosaries from Kolbe & Co

Custom Catholic Saint Inspired Leather Bookmarks from True Leather Girl

Felt Liturgical Calendar & The Wanderlust Catholic Monthly Subscription Letter from Annunciation Designs

Liturgical Year Board Bundle from All Saints Homeschool Mama

Catholics in STEM Coloring Pages, Bookmarks & Prayer Poster from Divine Inspiration Art

Pray & Play ABC Puzzle from Saintly Heart

A Stained Glass Rosary & Fools For Heaven Books from Thy Olive Tree Market

Saints & Blesseds from A-Z & Blueberry Math from Aleesa McCarthy

My Visit with Jesus: A Child’s Adoration Journal from Someday Saints

Daily Prayer Book for Catholic Children from My Little Nazareth

Sacred Heart Paint Kit from Kerygma Candle & Co

Holy Eucharist Hat from Kolbes Little Flowers

Raised By Saints, Became Saints Toddler Tee from Worthy of Agape

Holy Family Hearts Mini Apron from Bama Dearest

Saint Plush Dolls, St Kateri Forest Wooden Set & Mysteries of the Rosary Water Reveal Cards from Shining Light Dolls

Thank you so much!

I want to say thanks again to everyone who participated in this years #catholicbts I think it’s so important we support businesses who share in the morals & ethics we hold true to as Catholics. I’m so grateful for every person who contributed their time & talents so I could share these amazing resources with parents & teachers who follow me on social media. I’m blessed to be part of this community & have a space to share about these talented artists who use their work to glorify God.

I hope you share & support these business owners as you head back to school this year!

Have a blessed school year!



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