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Hi! I'm Alicia, and I'm the owner of No Heart Untouched. I'm excited that you're here and hope that my creations have inspired you grow in your faith & seek truth.

No Heart Untouched officially began in 2016, but its inspiration was on my heart long before. I'd taken jewelry-making classes in the past and had a "business" since high school. It wasn't until I was on maternity leave with my second son that I had the desire to wear more Catholic jewelry. So, I decided to make it myself! Soon, I decided to share these creations with others.

After having our third child in 2018 (again, while on maternity leave - it's an inspirational time for me!), I felt the need to create more things other than jewelry. Special Catholic gifts have been a passion for me ever since.

In Fall of 2019, I expanded my shop even more & launched a range of Catholic products, including stickers, tote bags, hand thrown mugs, clothing, and a small men's line.


2019 was a very frutiful year, as this was when I created & released my Felt Flower Wall Rosaries. These rosaries are what I am most passionate about & I'm very blessed God led me to create an item that truly reflects the beauty & fruits of praying the Rosary.

Wall rosary 2.jpeg

I recently expanded my offerings with more home decor and items to foster the Domestic Church. As a wife and mother myself, I've seen how incorporating a prayerful home & prayer through play can inspire my family to seek holiness. I've become even more passionate about establishing a home shrine and love showing others how to do so as well. I hope that my gifts encourage other faithful homes to look to Christ during their daily tasks.

As a fairly new homeschooling mom, I have found that making items for Catholic education has been a big source of inspiration for me. That inspiration led to the creation of the Interactive Rosary & Prayer Practice Tracing Tablets. I hope that these items help other Catholic families to establish a family prayer time & their children to pursue a friendship with Jesus & Mary while also working towards essential growth milestones.

The name No Heart Untouched came from my Confirmation saint, St. Maria Goretti. Her relics were on a “tour” across the country and a priest had said wherever her relics go, they leave “No Heart Untouched” and I began to think about how Jesus truly leaves no heart untouched, and in this life, we should strive to do the same. Even if a person hasn’t encountered Christ themselves, hopefully they come to Him through my work. 

Personally, I'm a wife and mama of three children, and we started our homeschooling journey this past fall. I'm most inspired during adoration, and  I love to make things that bring joy and reflect the beauty of grace. Everything I do, the talent He’s given me, the ideas He blesses me with are all to bring Glory to God and bring others to Him.

No Heart Untouched is dedicated to St. Maria Goretti and St. Joseph. Sts. Maria and Joseph, pray for us!

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