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Wall Rosaries

Wall rosaries are a gorgeous way to display your faith in your Domestic Church. These hand-crafted wall rosaries are sure to inspire all who enter your home with this beautiful devotion.

Wall Rosary FAQ's

How do I purchase a Felt Flower Wall Rosary?

Full Size, Decade Felt Flower Wall Rosaries, as well as the Liturgical Collection are available to purchase by pre-order only. Pre-orders are announced via e-mail to Subscribers first, and than announced on my Social Media platforms, than my shop pages.

What is the turn around times for the Felt Flower Wall Rosary?

Turn around time for the Full Size Wall Rosaries  & Liturgical Collection are 3 weeks & the Decade Style is 2 weeks.

How will I know when my Wall Rosary has been shipped?

Once a Wall Rosary is ready to ship, I will update the order in my back office & enter a tracking number unique for your order. My shop than sends you the tracking update & number via the email used to place the order. 

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