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The Posada Collection Bundle
  • The Posada Collection Bundle

    This collection of Posada inspired decor is a beautiful way to carry on the advent tradition of awaiting the birth of Jesus & commemorating Mary & Joseph’s journey. The Posada Collection Bundle includes:

    • Papel Picado Wood Banner (9 birch wood intricately cut & strung on jute twine. Each piece is 4.5 wide making the banner )

    • 9 Circular Wood Ornaments (2.75 in wide & strung on jute twine)

    • 2 Las Posadas Prints (includes Las Posadas Song verse in Spanish & English and 9 Posada Biblical Reflections printed on card stock)

    • Las Posadas Info Sheet (This extra is just to give more information on what a Posada means, how to celebrate, and what things you can do to make your Posada special!)


    The symbols on each ornament/Papel Picado piece is as follows:

    CandlesMary & St Joseph Traveling


    Bethlehem Skyline


    3 Kings Traveling


    Mary & St Joseph over the Manger

    Baby Jesus in the Manger


    These are handcrafted designs of No Heart Untouched. All designs cannot be be reproduced or used without obtaining prior written consent from the owners. © No Heart Untouched 2021. All rights reserved.

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